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0 Ish Good!

Nifty news!

We were featured at one of our favorite online shops, JetPens!

DailySketch 2008.11.12A few months ago, they started a community campaign where customers are encouraged to join their groups on flickr and facebook and contribute photos and reviews of their numerous great products! In return, they have monthly "best" selections for gift certificates and other nifty items.

A while back, I picked up a set of their Akashiya Sai Watercolor pens and recently took it with me as my sole coloring medium while in California for APE. I sketched out a small doodle and posted it to their flickr community.

Out of the many great photos and drawings, they selected this one (and a photo of me drawing it)! :D

Read their short post at their JetPens JetPics blog!

For anyone who's even half as interested in stationary as I am, I highly recommend JetPens~ For folks like us in Hawaii where Asian stationary pens, markers, and cases are limited and high-priced, their free shipping on orders over $25 is a God-send!

Thanks JetPens!

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3 Replies

  • Joscelyne Cutchens

    I love your art, you are so awesome! :) and I am a huge fan of watercolor (and copics of course...) I'll have to check out these pens!

    CONGRATS on your well deserved feature! :)

  • Veronica

    Ooh, those brush pens look like fun, and they gave you such a nice blurb on the blog!

  • GaBo

    Ahh, what I would do to be able to find affordable quality Japanese art supplies around my home. That brushwork is awesome. I need to try those out sometime.