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It's Black Friday! Are You Out and About?

0 Ish Good!

Savvy holiday shoppers are out en force today! We've heard of lines starting early for midnight openings of certain retail shops. That's just.. hardcore. After a night full of turkey and pumpkin pie, we prefer to sleep in and recover. XD

Partially because we're getting ready for the Hawaii United Okinawa Association Winter Craft Fair this Saturday and Sunday in Waipahu! It's our last "big" event of the year - aside from a small showing at St. Andrew's Priory's Holiday Fair on December 6th (more on this later).

We'll be bringing our entire stock of shirts, books, pups, hats, pins, and other miscellaneous goods. We're set at Booth #29, which is close to the HUOA exit driveway.

Admission is free, unless you're an early bird and additional parking will be available at the Leeward Community College.

Check out my previous post for more detailed information about times, address, and parking options. We also have a handy-dandy map available for those interested in attending!

This is also my last reminder for any folks waffling on t-shirts! Once we sell out of a design, they will NOT be reprinted in the future. Stock is low on certain designs and we have sold out on a few items and sizes over the past week. Online orders will be filled as they come in. If in doubt, please contact us for possible holds or questions.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  • Mandiekins

    I was at Victoria Secret waiting to get my free new undies and pay off my charge bill (2 very simple things that would have taken under 3 minutes to do. I woman in front of me wanted to return her merchandise and re-buy it so that she could get 5 dollars back with a coupon. She spent over 200, why does she need that 5 dollars back right away? Thus she held up the line for 15 minutes and was so overjoyed for her "refund".

    Seriously- was it necessary to make that big of a deal.