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Open for Holiday Commissions!

0 Ish Good!

As we count down to the final days of our Holiday Sale I'm adding in one new item:

Holiday Commissions!

For those who have just about everything, or perhaps something special in mind - this is a great opportunity to get something unique for your friends, family... or even yourself!

Two levels are available:
* Inked = $20
* Color-Washed (w/ Copic markers or watercolor) = $40

Simply let me know which characters you would like (3 max for inked, 2 max for colored) in the text box provided on the Holiday Sale page. For additional characters, a fee of $5 will be charged per. Please contact us directly if you have any specific requests.

Some examples below:

Henshin Ani - Sample Inks Falling - Sample Colors
Sample of Inks & Colors

Drawings will be done on 140lbs., 5x7" Fabriano Acquarello hot-pressed watercolor paper, stamped and signed by the artist.

Commissions will close on December 12th to ensure arrival before X-mas! Visit our Hoilday Sale page for more information!

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  • Anna

    Stop doing this! Don't you realize I have no money?! =P Well, time to go empty out my piggy-bank and search under the lounge cushions for spare change XD Awesome idea ^^ I'll try and see if I can get one =)