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Event Aftermath and some Footage!

0 Ish Good!


The St. Andrew's Priory School Holiday Fair was a success! We had a lot of fun, despite slight sunburns, and hope we have the opportunity to come back again next year!

The Table

The Table

Also! My family called earlier in the evening to let me know that one of our local news channels caught footage of our table at Kennedy Hall! We missed the 6pm news, but luckily it re-played the footage at 10pm. We recorded and posted the spot to youtube! Check it out! :D

Can you spot all the Nemu hats running around?

Thanks to everyone who came to see us from the school and the community! It's always great to meet our fans in person!

A few more photos are available at our flickr collection as well!

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3 Replies

  • Ikaryas

    oww, why don't you guys ever come to an event closer to me? *cries*
    would love to see you on FACTS or someting like that ;)
    you can stay at my place :p

    love the latest strip (thousand words) ^^ so cute


  • Mandiekins

    It must be nice to be in an area that's warm enough to wear short sleeve t-shirts. It's a steamy 9 degrees here in Cambria County Pennsylvania. Your news footage makes me wanna move to where you're at.

  • ninj4

    thats some awesome coverage, KKS =]

    PS: i havent seen BentoBoxBobby's APE interview yet. mebbe i'm blind? o.o