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Latest News: 5 Favorite Things for the iPad Artist



Shtuff We <3!

0 Ish Good!

We added a new link to our shop called:

Shtuff We <3!
We think the title says it all~ :D

We often get asked for recommendations on equipment, books, supplies, etc - so we decided to create a little area on our site that has some of our favorite things, all in one place! Most everything listed are things we either own, have used, or would like to own - based on reviews or strong recommendations.

We'll always be adding new things to the aStore, so stop by often!

Full Disclosure: All sales via our Amazon aStore in turn helps out nemu*nemu as well, so happy shopping!

Also! Last big reminder! Our Holiday Sale ends on Friday! This is your last chance to get shirts, prints, and books at extraordinary prices! We'll be closing up the sale at midnight, Hawaii Standard Time - get your orders in before then so I can get everything in the mail on Saturday!

Thanks so much for your support!

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5 Replies

  • Amber

    I just bought the "Bamboo (Small) Pen Tablet with Pen Only" for my brother for Christmas, so I'm really glad you guys recommend it.
    And it looks like Kitsy, Scott and I have similar tastes in movies. :D

  • kitsy

    Amber: We think it's a great started tablet for anyone! It's just the basics - nothing fancy, but gets the job done and done well! :D I think he'll like it!

    I gotta search through my movie archives - I'm not as much of a movie person as Scott, but I do have my favorites. :D

  • Amber

    Yeah, he's 16 but loves working in Photoshop so I figured it would be a good starter for him. Plus, Amazon had a great price.

  • Anna

    Great idea guys ^^ I absolutely love Sorcerors and Secretaries! It's one of my all time faveroites =) Bone is awesome aswell, although I havn't read the whole thing yet...They're bringing out the entire series in colour, book by book, so I'm buying them as they come ^^

  • Cherry

    OMP! I'll try some of those things! :)