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Lights Out on Oahu

0 Ish Good!

Some of you might have seen the news that Oahu lost power on Friday night.

...and this (below) is supposedly the culprit:

(Photo taken by KS right around the time the thunder could be heard - before our power went out. ^^;)

Indeed, the whole island went dark and that also meant nemu*nemu was down for about 12 hours... so we apologize if you stopped by and got some sort of error!

Thankfully, it was only 12 hours for us and most of that was sleeping hours - and because it was right after Christmas, our place was stocked with tons of snacks. Woo!

We can only hope that the New Year won't be as eventful! ^_^;

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas holiday (if you celebrate it!)!

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6 Replies

  • catalina

    how long was your house out for? where i lived it was untill 3pm. happy new years

  • Lollie Kins

    Sorry to read about the power outages. Here in PA we had wind gusts up to 50mph. However, the temp was 63 this weekend... Which is a record breaker! We had our 3 green Christmas ever.

    Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

  • kitsy

    Catalina: Our power was out from 7pm to 7am. Not too bad, but it made for a very quiet night. ^_^; (Aside from all the fireworks people were firing off outside. o_o;)

    Lollie Kins: I've seen news of the crazy winter weather up north! 63F! That's really warm for this time of year for you folks! We've had out share of heavy winds and rains, but thankfully, it's warm all year round here, so we don't have to worry about freezing!

  • Ash

    I was in California when that happened, and I just came back today. (ears are still "a bit deaf") We had wifi in our hotel room, so on Friday night, I went on AOL Instant Messenger, and I saw that none of my friends was on. I read in the paper that there's possibly going to be another one. I forget why. Now that we're back, we have to set the oven clock, alarm clock, anything that was plugged in to the outlets. D:

  • ninj4

    Glad to know you're safe and sound, and that it wasn't anything terribly major =]

  • Cherry

    I just came home from school...
    and then when it happened I panicked XD
    I dunno how long mine was. I went to sleep...
    and I had to take my boccha in the dark -_-