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New Year, New Webcomic Recommendations~

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Hey everyone!

One of my goals this year was to write more - and possibly "think less". Not quite sure if that's something I can master this year, but perhaps it's something I can improve on.

I thought with the new year, I can make a few recommendations!

First off, Mike Dutton's One Swoop Fell, updated Wednesdays.

One Swoop Fell BannerI don't remember how we came across Mike's work, but when I saw it, I was *floored*. The colors, the gradual storytelling, the composition, the clean inks. It is a very sweet story unfolding centering on a somewhat self-conscious bear, Topo, and his mysterious new birdie friend, Swoop.

(Just to clear things up, the birdie in our latest strips is not Swoop. ^_^; My apologies for the likeness~!)

TACC-small.jpgSecond up, Karl Kerschl's The Abominable Charles Christopher, which also updates on Wednesday.

Some may recognize Karl as the artist of DC's Teen Titan: Year One, or various other mainstream titles, but he also does a beautifully rendered online strip about a yeti who's following a path that unseen forces are laying out for him. Sharing his adventures are various forest and safari creatures who sometimes take the spotlight and highlight some of life's little wonders.

Although Karl updates once a week, each strip packs a hearty punch - be it a laugh, a sigh, a smile, or a cry. :D

...and third, but not least (for now~): Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya's Johnny Wander.

Some may recognize Ananth from his other long-time work, AppleGeeks - but his collaboration with Yuko is quite new, debuted in September of 2008.

Johnny Wander is a vignette strip about life post-college... or more simply put - little jabs and observations about everyday life. Each one is quite cute and puts a smile on my face. I think they're still working out their update schedule - but I notice most of them are released on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Edit: They update on Tuesday & Thursdays! :D

Yuko's style feels so atmospheric yet ... effortless. *envy*

Welps! That's it for now~! I'm sure I'll have more recommendations in the coming weeks!

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  • Mike Dutton

    Aw shucks, thanks so much for listing Swoop as a recommendation! It seems I have a couple new readers as well, so double thanks. :)