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Anpan & Nemu's Valentine Artwork Sale!

0 Ish Good!

We've just moved past the crazy holiday season and moving right along to the next big thing - Valentine's Day!

COM08-HRCSPair.jpgFor those looking for something "unique", I'm opening up nemu*nemu original art commissions from January 12 through January 30th!

Commissions are available in two "types" - Black & White and Colored, but all will be done on 5x7" Fabriano Artistico Acquarello 140lbs watercolor paper. You are free to choose a theme/action/setting for up to 3 characters for black & white drawings, up to 2 characters for color drawings - or you can leave it up to me to come up with something interesting. ^_^

To the left is one of the color examples with everyone's favorite tokusatsu hero - Henshin Rider and arch-enemy, the Crimson Scarab. :D

For more information and sample images, find it at our V-day Art Sale page!

In addition to the commissions, prints are on sale again! I'll be adding new artwork to the listing throughout the month, so keep checking back here for news or our sale!

Sale will end on January 30th to make sure all orders reach our customers in time for that special day! ^_-

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