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Valentine's Day '09 Free Shtuff!

1 Ish Good!

Looking for something to give on Valentine's Day and you're short on funds? Well, we've got something just for you!


Anpan & Nemu's Valentine's Day '09 Free Shtuff!

We have free downloads and printable cards to share with you! Be sure to check back throughout the month of January and February for new items!

First off: Printable Valentine's Day Cards
V-day09-V-card Layout

Above are all the styles available for download via PDF! (If you don't have Acrobat Reader, or a similar PDF viewer, you can simply download one from the Adobe site!) Each sheet contains 8 copies of the same card.

(Also, please account for loading time as each file is roughly 1MB each. You may also "right-click" each link to download directly to your desktop.)

New items are on the way!

Don't forget, we also have an Art Sale going on for those who are looking for something really shpecial! :D


Happy V-day!

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