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Ka Leo Cartoonist Workshop Talk

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Late last month, KS and I were invited to participate in a workshop for cartoonists at Ka Leo, the University of Hawaii's student paper.

The third guest was Roy Chang, editorial cartoonist at the Midweek (previously the Ka Leo editorial cartoonist from 1993-2002!). We spent about an hour and a half chatting it up with the current generation of cartoonists at the paper - relating how the comics industry has changed over the past 10 years and what it may take to do this as a career.

As it was a closed event, we couldn't really publicize it, but have some photos to share.

Ka Leo Cartoonists Workshop

Ka Leo Cartoonists Workshop

On a personal note, it's really nice to see how the comics staff works as almost a cohesive group, being familiar with fellow cartoonists and staffers. Back in 1997, things were "anything goes"! We didn't have a set standard size or update schedule and I think I may have met one or two of the other cartoonists who were drawing alongside me - although we did manage to eek out a few collaborations. Maybe I'll share them with you one day~ ^^

I just have to find them in storage... >__>;;

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