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Survey Says!

0 Ish Good!

(For those who actually remember Family Feud and its many incarnations...)

Survey time! (But the pups put it best...)

BAN-GotsQs.jpgClick HERE to take survey Thanks! Survey is closed!

KS and I are busy prepping for the upcoming convention season and would like to know just who our audience is - that means YOU! We have an inkling, but with a few questions we'll have a much better picture to work with!

Of course, this doesn't come with out a little incentive~!

Be sure to catch the secret word at the end of the survey and use this handy-dandy feedback form to enter a drawing for a copy of nemu*nemu Volume 3, which is scheduled for release in April! Just be sure to enter the secret word and enter your contact e-mail in the form!

Thanks for your time!

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3 Replies

  • Thavia

    Nemu Nemu is a great webcomic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It always makes me laugh.I collect stuffed animals so it makes me feel like my stuffed animals can come to life.My friends and I can all relate to Anise and Kana and all my friends enouy it too.
    I think the makers of Nemu Nemu put alot of thought into these and they do a great job

  • kitsy

    Thanks so much! :D I really appreciate all the kind words~ nemu*nemu is a lot of hard work, but so very rewarding to have great feedback from readers like you~ :D

  • Cherry

    Thavia is right. ^_^ nemu*nemu is always full of laughter and fun. It's like nothing can go wrong when you're reading nemu*nemu! :P

    Secret word??? I want book 3! >.<