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Cute things to note~

0 Ish Good!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in our reader survey! We will be closing it up on Sunday evening and announce the drawing winner on Monday. Please note that we're still working on Volume 3 and will not be able to ship until late March.

reynard-pi.jpgA few things to note~

In response to our Friday strip, we had this cute parody conclusion from reader, Reynard. ^^

(Indeed, Pollo is smarter than the average chick. Thanks~!)

This brings up a question - does he say "pi" as an "pee" or "pi" as in "pie"?

Ah the complexities of the English language! XD

How do you hear Pollo?


Also! We happened upon this one by surprise~ :D

NenaLuna does a cute daily comic called "unlazy" in her LiveJournal. Imagine our surprise catching our pups doing a lil' dance in the middle of her comic! :D SO CUTE!

(Just click the preview image to see the rest of her strip!)

And last minute cute news~ The V-day smoochie-grams will be going down on Sunday as well~ We hope everyone managed to send a few out to their loved (and not-so-loved) ones! :D

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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9 Replies

  • Bengo

    You may have detected that I commented on your poll. I did in part because I know it can be hard to get a lot of answers, even though my opinions are not representative in some ways.

    That's why I didn't enter the giveaway - to avoid any conflict of interest, and make someone's day. I'm sure you know I wasn't snubbing the prize.

    Continued luck to you all.

  • Naktarr

    I say 'Pee!'

    I also pronounce Pollo "Pwarh'oh" in my attempt to say the word in the Spanish (or even Mexican ^^')Pronunciation - Pollo meaning Chicken in quite a few Languages for anyone who didn't know :D

  • Bille Fable

    I say "pee", but short)

  • crimsonjade

    I'd say "pee" as in "pii" too...since this is rather wouldn't make sense to pronounce it "pie"...LOL. I dunno, I just naturally read it that way because of the fact that the strip seems to have more in common with manga than your typical north american "sunday comics" kinda I making any sense?!

  • Cherry

    "Pee" is the way I think it!

    Dancing Nemu and Anpan are so cute!

  • Amber

    It's definitely "pee"!

  • reynard61

    Pollo probably does say "pee", but I saw "pi" and couldn't help but think of the Greek letter/mathematical symbol. (Mmmmm. π!)

  • Sophia

    Pee! It just seems more appropriate than Pollo saying something that sounded like an actual word..

    Plus, if he said it "pie" you would think Nemu and Anpan would have gotten on a pie kick right away... =D

  • Aweeby

    actually, the mathematical letter is pronouced "pee" in the native greek, but in america, we pronouce it as "pie". I suppose because of an alternative meaning so commonly seen here. Or so a latin teacher has told me...

    so really, it could be either...
    i think...