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Little Late

0 Ish Good!

I know it's a little late, but we finally have the February '09 East Oahu Sun exclusive comic up!

Happy Valentine's Day from the nemu*nemu Gang!

The content might look a little familiar~ ^^

Also, thanks to everyone who made some suggestions about the new t-shirt designs! I'd like to further inquire about your preferences - do you prefer we make a set of pin badges or magnets of our "faces" designs? We're on the fence about this one - pins, to us, seem more versatile - but if there's a very strong preference for magnets, we might concede on this one.

BTW - where do you put your magnets?

Makin' Faces Mock Up I also wanted to address our ladies' shirt sizing, as it has been a concern for many. I'm working on getting size specs from our local shirt distributor as I won't have the shirts in hand until the end of the month.

To the left is a photo I took to compare color and sizing of our ladies' and unisex shirts prior to heading to the printers. You can best see sleeve length, scoop-neck depth, and the overall length of the shirt.

Please assume that with all our shirts, they may shrink up to one size in the dryer.

In the meanwhile, let's work with this shirt sizing chart (from American Apparel, as the sizing is close in width). Please note, we only have S-XL available for women. As these shirts are also cut longer than our previous designs, you may not have to worry about exposed midriffs.


I profusely apologize for the confusion!

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13 Replies

  • Anna

    I'd prefer badges--magnets are cool too, but nothing in my room is made of the right sort of metal for them to stick to xD

  • kaiki

    I would rather have magnets AND pins instead of t-shirts ^^;

    I would put the magnets on the fridge and pins on my backpack(though one henshin rider pin has gone MIA)

  • Kat

    I would LOVE to see a set of magnets, especially if they are the kind with the little frame to select an emotion, like this one:

  • Sophia


    They each have their own place though - Magnets are great for home, or work if one has one's own workspace. Pins are of course great for bags and other transportable goods... but we already have lots of nemu pins.. TIME FOR MAGNETS! =D

  • Jenn

    I vote on a set of magnets. Other than the fridge, I use magnets on the sides of my cube at work.

  • squarerootofpi

    I think magnets and pins would be good and would both sell.

    I think pins would be more popular with the school crowd. Something to stick on their backpack, or purse.

    I think magnets would be more popular with the work crowd. Something to stick on the side of a filing cabinet or a refrigerator to show or nemu nemu love!

    If I only had enough money for magnet or pin, I would go for the magnet.

  • megan

    I'd prefer magnets because I would put them on my cubicle at work and my fridge at home

  • megan

    I wonder if I should be suprised at the number of adults who read this comic?

  • Julie G

    I love that design on the little u-neck tee. I think that would look great. Wouldn't hurt to have a badge/sticker/magnet collection too.

    Saw our links to the bookstores that supply your Nemu-nemu volumes.
    I'll be sure to have a hunt for them as my hubby and I will be in Hawaii Honolulu from next Wed 25th through to March 13th.
    Shame you don't have any of the other apparel as I'd buy it all XD

    Will be our anniversary March 4th aswell, so if anyone has any ideas of places to go eat let me know ^^ (

    Ooohh does anyone know of any cute shopping stores in honolulu? Anything Kawaii, Anima, Manga related I adore. Aswell as perfume and makeup obviously XD

    I just turned 28 on 17th aswell, gads I feel old! XD

  • kitsy

    Wow! I'm surprised by how many are interested in magnets over pins! ^o^ We've had some pretty good arguments for both ends of the spectrum. I'll have to research some local small run printing options.

    Julie: I'll e-mail your some information about local eateries and sites to check out~ :D Will you be traveling to other islands while you're here?

  • Sophia

    nemu*nemu volumes 1 and 2 also available at Barnes & Noble at Ala Moana Shopping Center!!!

  • kitsy

    Sophia: That's right! I have to make an official announcement about that.. Gotta grab some of KS' photos. ^_^

  • nunuu

    Oh my! How did I miss this entry!?


    I put magnets on the drawers of my computer desk. :D

    But you know me -- I want pins, magnets, AND keychains/cell phone straps/charms. I love 'em all! XD

    Nemu everywhere!!!!