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[Pups Around da World] Botcha Mountain!

0 Ish Good!

As we can't always leave the studio, we totally love seeing photos of the LOLpups around the world~!

We have a photo sent in from Taylor, a local gal, braving the cool wintery weather of Southern California! But not only that, they brought the pups along for a ride on... SPLASH MOUNTAIN! :D

(I can only imagine what Anpan must have been thinking at that moment... ^O^!)

Thanks so much for sharing this awesome, candid moment!

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3 Replies

  • Kk

    OMP! I thought that was you guys for a second. That looks like fun, but I'd think Nemu and Anpan would fly right off the coaster like Pollo! Hey, have you guys ever been to the Wonder Con in California? Do you know anyone who will be there? I think its this weekend....

  • kitsy

    KK: No, we haven't been to Wondercon yet, but we know of some folks who will be there. PMBQ of Tea Club should be there exhibiting and I know a number of folks will be attending for fun!

  • Kana *in real life*

    What?! You did NOT go?!