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[Sketchbook] Pup Doodles

0 Ish Good!

KS keeps telling me to scan my sketchbook pages and put them online for all to see. He says some of my best ideas come from them.

It's hard to share them though - I don't put a lot of effort into making them look clean or presentable... and as a perfectionist, in some ways, it's almost sacrilegious.


So I'll do my best to post what I can and try not to hold them so dear. ^^;

Sketch 2009.03.01

Sketchbook page from late January.

(I'm guessing there might be some time delay for a little while, as everything I'm drawing as of now is either a spoiler or intended to be used in either nemu*nemu Volume 3 or our second Art of Nemu book.)

Also, we're extending the T-shirt pre-sale one more day. We're SUPER busy at the moment with completing all the book material, so take advantage of this last minute extension!

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