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[Sketchbook] CNBC's "Mad Money" a la Anise

0 Ish Good!

Perhaps I've been watching too much of CNBC's "Mad Money" with Jim Cramer... His crazy antics are starting to rub off on us. XD

Sketch 2009.03.04

Ani as Jim Cramer... I can see some parallels. XD

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8 Replies

  • BixieBee

    Oh my pizza..... not him!!
    ._.; He scares me a little, though.... he does make the stock market interesting even If I don't know what he's talking about.

    lol, Ani needs a button board, I think I'd be nuts like him too if I had a button board. I don't think I know what every button is for yet though, he likes picking 3 or 4 to press per Bout of Extreme emotion (or episode)

  • kimonostereo

    I've traded stock off and on for years but only recently tuned in to Mad Money. The show is educational as well as entertaining!

    Kana is playing the role of Erin Burnett in that sketch. While the stock market has the Bulls and the Bears, we thought Ani might have the Sheep and the Lions on her show. Maybe even cows?

    I wonder what kind of sounds Ani would have on her soundboard?
    "OH MY PIZZA!", "Holy SPACE COW!"?

  • BixieBee

    LOL omg, I just watched the video clip that Ani's acting out there, lol, poor Erin was like... SIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHHH, checking her nails and moving papers around. Couldn't get a word in edgewise.
    Not even her Giraffe safari dress there could get her read for the wildness that is Cramer.

    but omg, Ani could have a botcha noise too! (I think Cramer has a toilet noise, so that could be there)

  • kimonostereo

    LOL! Yes!

    "THIS MARKET IS IN THE BOTCHA MACHINE" *botcha botcha botcha* SFX

  • reynard61

    "(...)he does make the stock market interesting even If I don't know what he's talking about."

    I'm not convinced that *he* knows what he's talking about. I've actually googled some stuff that he was talking about and his grasp of the "facts" was tenuous at best. He may be entertaining to some, but he's certainly not my cup of tea...

  • BixieBee


    lol, please don't hate Ani for playing the part of Cramer?

  • reynard61

    @ BixieBee: I don't hate Ani. I have no objection to her imitating/parodying him. I just don't particularly like Cramer because he's had a tendency to play a bit fast and loose with facts on a subject that affects a lot of people -- which can possibly lead them to do wrong/bad things with their money. And in today's lousy economy -- especially after the Bernie Madoff scandal -- who can afford that? I guess that what I'm saying is that Jim Cramer isn't necessarily the be-all and end-all of financial advice. (Personally, I prefer to get my Economy 101 lessons from Paul Krugman and Robert Reich. After I listen to them, I usually feel like I've actually *learned* something.)

    BTW: Love your ava! π!

  • kimonostereo

    I used to watch CNBC regularly in the 90's but life and other things took over for a long time. Recently, i've started watching (or rather listening as I work) again ever since I got Elgato's EyeTV at home and at work. I enjoy all of the personalities and there are some really lively debates that I don't usually get to see in mainstream news.

    Opinions are like broken clocks, they are wrong most of the time but twice a day they're right. After being in the investment game for a number of years, if there's one thing i've learned, it's this: trust no one with your money but yourself.

    To me, Jim Cramer is entertaining and engaging. For anyone new to the stock market, his approach and style is brilliant. Using his props, sound effects and graphics as part of his show really hits home when he's trying to educate people or tell folks what his picks are. For an older investor like me, I enjoy his take on the economy and I like seeing what his thoughts are on different stocks... but I take his picks with a grain of salt.

    That said, I enjoy all of the commentators on CNBC but I don't take investment advice lightly and neither should anyone. Doing your own research and understanding what you're getting into is important and should be treated as Rule 1. Blindly following any commentator or analyst can only lead to trouble because no one can predict the market. Educating yourself is the best form of investment your can do.

    Great conversation folks! It's cool to see others take on Cramer!