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[Sketchbook] Brainstorm Session

0 Ish Good!

All sorts of weird ideas come out when I just sit down and draw and listen to random podcasts. ^^;


Wonder if anything is going to come from these...

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4 Replies

  • Kk

    So cute! You should make a Poots and Toots pin! They would look darling! Poots and Toots are such cute stuffies. I think I'll try to make them... Anyway, great skeches and keep up the great work!

  • BixieBee

    Awww :D!
    the little daisynemu and dandyanpan are too cute and the dashing versions of them are too cute too.
    Makes me wonder though, what kind of podcasts were they, lol, farming, victorian era, milk and cookies stand, lol, I can't find a common theme (makes it cuter though)

  • kitsy

    Thanks for the input~! :D

    Interestingly enough, I was listening to a lot of food and science and history podcasts. Some were talking about farmer's markets in Santa Monica and "going green". XD;

  • kaiki

    I can see two spin-off strips that I would read

    Pups by Gaslight & Harvest Nemu ^^

    Also looking forward to the storyline where Anpan & Nemu-nemu open a Milk & Cookie stand and must turn to the sage wisdom of a "Guy Kawasaki"-esque person to turn their stand around =)