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[Sketchbook] Poots & Toots

0 Ish Good!

Well, technically this isn't from my "sketchbook", but it was something I sketched up in Photoshop CS4 (before my 30-day trial runs out. T_T!)


Poots & Toots (from Pup Fiction short story~)
Photoshop CS4

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5 Replies

  • Rakhun

    I'd recommend the GIMP, a free software image editor, no trial limits there :)
    or if you have become too used to photoshop's interface there is a modified version of the GIMP called GIMPshop where menues are moved around to look more like photoshop
    (free software is not the same as freeware with low quality, but it's usually free of charge as well)

  • BixieBee

    <_< delete the stuff from registry and reinstall.... or turn back the system clock...
    lol, actually, I'm not sure if it'll work for photoshop ^^;
    I heard there's this awesome program for lines called Paint Tool Sai, though I haven't done too much research on it, it might just be another 30 day trial. I've seen some awesome products of it on Deviantart though. And, well, of course there's always openCanvas, it's fun for quick pictures and super responsive to a tablet.

  • kitsy

    LOL thanks you guys~

    Actually, I have Photoshop CS3 (the full version), so I'm not totally at a loss~ I just like some of the features of CS4. ^^

    I have a mac, so I can't quite use OC or Sai... But I have been trying things out with Sketchbook Pro. I also have Painter, but find it lags a lot for me.. and crashes a lot. >_>;

  • Naktarr

    I see the wobbly line effect from overly sensitive CS3 has been fixed - that annoyed me as much as it did you guys back in the archives (I forget when, a few months ago?)
    Luckily I don't have to buy a full license copy of PS until next year (student license will have to last me for my last year of being a student) so I won't have to get the crazily expensive first release of CS4 :)
    I hope you can hold out and save yourself some money too!

  • Amber

    I love Poots and Toots! I hope they make more appearances.