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[Event] Farrington High School Talk

0 Ish Good!

In addition to all the exciting things happening at nemu*nemu today -

I was invited to do a solo talk today at Farrington High School about nemu*nemu and comics (in general). Unfortunately, Scott couldn't attend, but I had a great time anyway~

Farrington High School Talk - 2009.03.11
Can you imagine that all the seats were filled? And a couple classes were turned away??

I think this has been (to date) my single largest audience at one time. O_O! There were roughly 200 people in attendance - students, faculty, and staff - from what I understand.

It was lots of fun - unfortunately I only have a few photos to show for. T_T

Thanks so much for the FHS students and staff for having me~ An extra special thanks to Leonore Higa, the acting librarian who was gracious enough to host me. ^_^v

Also, a friendly reminder that we'll be at the Mid Pac Ho'olaule'a taking place on Friday from noon to 7pm! We'll have all our usual stock and a few new extras, so stop by if you're in the area! :D

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