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[Event] MPI Ho'olaule'a Report

0 Ish Good!

Welps! We survived the MPI Ho'olaule'a! The weather was great all day - despite threats of high winds and rain (which came overnight).

We debuted a few new items - mostly stickers, completely sold out of our Pup Fiction books and a few pins from our inventory.

MPI Ho'olauele'a 2009

MPI Ho'olauele'a 2009

MPI Ho'olauele'a 2009

We're already gearing up for next week's event at Bishop Museum. Whoo! The "event season" has just begun!

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3 Replies

  • Naktarr

    Heehee, Anpan not happy with his new hat!
    He should be pleased, it looks adorable :3

    And is that... dumped garbage or peoples deserted belongings in the second image? :< taking your rubbish with you/putting it in a bin ftw.

  • kitsy

    I think most of it was the student's belongings as they were watching their classmates performing. XD

    Things looked a lot cleaner late that evening. ^^

  • Evelyn

    Too cute! Where is this? It looks familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it.