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[Sketchbook] Doodles at the Ho'olaule'a

0 Ish Good!

Finally got my scanner to work with my upgrade of Photoshop CS4! I was wondering if I was going to be able to post these doodles today! ^^;



Just quick drawings from folks around us - like the pizza booth, the Beard Papa advertisers, and a little boy who was pleading with his mom to buy some stuff off our table. ^^

Once again, there was a sea of pup hats running around the campus - always an awesome thing to see. :D

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2 Replies

  • Cherry

    BEARD PAPA?! OMP! I love Beard Papa~ their creampuffs
    are the bestest ever! XD
    Please put up more sketchbook pages! They are sooo awesome! ^.^

  • Bengo

    This is off topic, but last night we had dinner with my mom, and you should have heard Pug raving about nemu-nemu. I didn't say a word.

    She doesn't rave much so it's worth sharing.

    One more person won over! Next my mom will be reading it.