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[Sketchbook] Peanut Butter Pirates

0 Ish Good!

Stuff sketched from last month~

Sketch 2009.03.16

More Peanut Butter Pirates~ :D


I mentioned in brief that I'd explain what's going on with the "Sam" story.

This is one of the three Pup Fiction stories that we printed as a special compilation for the Alternative Press Expo last year (APE). I didn't intend to publish these online, but book deadlines and convention/event prep kicked into major overdrive last month and I've fallen behind on my strips.

(My bad, yes~ TT; I'll do better to keep to my schedules!)

Out of the three stories, I thought this would best give a little peek into a couple of our characters' lives and it's actually the shortest of the three.

So, in the meanwhile, please enjoy! We'll be back in full force soon!

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