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[Event] Bishop Museum - Animation Sunday 2009

0 Ish Good!

After a week of muggy, humid and rather dull weather, we were pleased to find Sunday was bright, sunny... and perhaps a bit windy at the Bishop Museum Family Fun Sunday event. :D

This was our first time exhibiting there - alongside the Kawaii Kon staff and volunteers and MechaHawaii dudes.

Bishop Museum Event - 2009.03.22

The event was a lot of fun~ We saw the Geico Gecko, Elmo, and Spongebob...

Bishop Museum Event - 2009.03.22 Bishop Museum Event - 2009.03.22 Bishop Museum Event - 2009.03.22 Bishop Museum Event - 2009.03.22

We also got a little crispy when the sun started encroaching on our area. *__*!

For these photos and more, check out our photo collection on flickr!

Thanks to all who came out to see us! :D It's always nice to see some familiar faces~!

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3 Replies

  • Cherry

    I was there! It was awesome! ^_^ I would have bought the "Makin' Faces" t-shirt but I was broke! T_T And since I got Anpan... my MOM copied me and got Nemu. She still owes me five dollars. DX Thanks for the autograph, Kitsy! ^.^

  • kitsy

    Cherry: Thanks so much for coming! It's always awesome for us to see familiar faces~ :D

    We hope Anpan (and Nemu) are behaving~!

  • Cherry

    They are! ^_^ My mom gave me an Orange Tree giftcard after I complained a lot XP BTW, Orange Tree is a FRO-YO place! ^.^ It's too bad that there's no pizza or peanut butter fro-yo for Anpan and Nemu! :(