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[Countdown Sale!] ANPAN!

0 Ish Good!

We're days away from our 3rd Anniversary of nemu*nemu online!

To celebrate, we will be putting various items for sale on our site~

First up?

Thumbnail image for eyes.jpg

None other than Anpan!

We have sold out of Nemu pups, but have a small stock more of Anpan on hand. Poor pup doesn't quite feel the love, so we're offering him at our discounted price of $10. (From $20 each.)

Once they're gone, they're completely gone!

Find the sale at our soft goods page!

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7 Replies

  • crimsonjade

    Awww, strangely enough...Anpan's my fav...too bad I already have one T_T gotta think of someone to give it to...

  • kitsy

    crimsonjade: Most of the time, people who don't know about our comic think that Anpan's the "mean" one and Nemu's the "nice" one, just based on their appearances. ^^; Poor pup has a bad rep'!

  • Amber

    This is so sad! I was hoping to one day buy them together. I'm gettin' my Anpan now. That's what I get for waiting lol.

  • crimsonjade

    Kyubikitsy: Yeah, I know T_T kawaisou, desu ne? *shakes head* they should give anpan a chance! I'd probably get another one if it didn't make me look like a freak... *shifty eyes*

  • Kaitou

    Anpan not angry, just intense! :D

  • Cherry

    And now my mom's going to brag about having Nemu! T_T
    Will Nemu ever be for sale again?

  • kitsy

    Kaitou: Indeed! Or at least we try to tell everyone that~ ^^

    Cherry: Unfortunately, that's the last of the chibi pup run. If I had known they were going to fly out the door so fast, I probably would have made note of our low stock sooner to give more folks a chance!