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[Event] Kawaii Kon 2009!

0 Ish Good!

For those attending Kawaii Kon this year, we finally have some concrete info to pass on to you~!

Kawaii Kon '09 will be held (again) at the Hawaii Convention Center, 3rd Floor from April 10-12. If you haven't pre-registered yet, you have until March 31st to get the discounted rates. At door rates for the 3-day event will be $50 for adults and $40 for children under 12.

Hawaii Convention Center
1801 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815

[Map to the Hawaii Convention Center]

For those who have seen us the past couple years, our booth space has moved - but we haven't moved too far.


We've moved to the back corner to F8. Sort of tucked away from the rest of the action, but we hope you'll still find us~ XD;

We'll be debuting a number of new items, so come by early to get first pickings! :D

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4 Replies

  • Sophia

    Weren't you guys just across the way at C12 last year?

    Also, it looks like this year's space is just a smidgen bigger!

  • kitsy

    Sophia: We were at C12 (or the equivalent) for the past two years - but one of the vendors reserved the entire C7-12 at the end of KK'08... so we've been looking for a new space since. T_T;

    We'll take things as they come and try to make the most of our new space. ^^

  • Lee McIntosh

    Do yall plan on being at the Kon when they open their doors on Friday? I'm going to be on Oahu for another conference, but I want to try and swing by the Kon and meet a few individuals (including yall) when I have some free time...

  • kitsy

    Hi Lee!

    We'll definitely be there. In fact, we'll probably show up around 9am Friday to continue setting things up at the booth. We'll be in the dealer's room for most of the day - if not the entire event. ^^