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Getting Ready for Kawaii Kon!

0 Ish Good!

Things are about... 75% ready for Kawaii Kon, our first big event of the year! Waiting on a few things to arrive but~

Great news!

Books are in and everything looks good!

V3 + Obi Preview
But what's this?

Well, it's a little something special we're adding to a limited number of nemu*nemu Volume 3! It'll be available at both our in-person events and for our online presale~

On the same token, we will be offering our Art of Nemu Volume 2 with something extra as well~ :D

Volume 3 and Art of Nemu Volume 2 pre-sale will open on Monday - more photos and information will be available then!

Also, last minute reminder - our Nemu*Pollo shirts and totes pre-order will be closing on Sunday!

A few more reveals as we get closer to the actual event! :D

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3 Replies

  • Anna

    Oh my pizza, it looks awesome! ^^ Can't wait for them to be on sale =)

  • jefbot

    wow, the book looks fantastic! i swear, your products always have some of the best design around. i'll definitely be placing an order during the presale. :)

  • Kaitou

    I'm totally getting all three volumes at the Kawaii Kon! :D