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Pre-order Monday Madness!

0 Ish Good!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your patience! Our books, Volume 3 and Art of Nemu Volume 2, are both available for pre-sale in our online shop!

nemu*nemu Volume 3 Art of nemu*nemu Volume 2 - New Frontiers

As mentioned in my previous post, in celebration of our 3rd year online and our book releases, we're adding some cool extras for early buyers! nemu*nemu Volume 3 will come with a limited edition obi (paper wrapper), while the Art of nemu*nemu Volume 2 will come with a limited edition postcard!

Special Editions - 2009 Special Editions - 2009

These will only be available through our online shop and in-person events! When they're gone, they're gone!

We're starting the countdown to Kawaii Kon 2009 - our first big event of the year! Aside from our new books, we had a few "shhhhecret" items that we were holding for debut at the con, but thought about our online audience and felt everyone should have a fair chance at them.

We've been doing our best to keep them a secret, but it's hard when they're just so cute:

Available now for Pre-Order: New Plushies!


Introducing our third generation pups & Pollo plushies!

These pups were crafted to look much closer to the pups in our strips in both looks and size! Anpan and Nemu are both crafted with super soft plush and sit at 7.5" tall. They also come with their respective scarves. :D

Pollo is the latest addition to our plushy family~ He sits at 3" tall and is super soft and guarantee-ably squishy! (Please note - Pollo does not come with goggles. He's just borrowing them~)

Pre-Order Nemu, Anpan and Pollo at our shop!

Like our books, the pups are available for PRE-ORDER at this time. They will not ship until the week of April 13th.

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10 Replies

  • lollie kins

    Oh My Goodness! You just made me and my hubby's day with the new plushies. It's going to make an awesome gift for his birthday.

    Very awesome!

  • crimsonjade

    EEEEKKK!!! *dies of cuteness*

  • Amber

    lol you made Anpan less "intense" this round. My boyfriend keeps saying my Anpan plushy is pissed lol but I love him that way.

  • kitsy

    Lollie & Crimsonjade: Sankies! :D

    Amber: We found that we sort of had to turn down Anpan's "intense" face this time around~ It's hard to tell moms of young kids that Anpan's really not "angry" - just "determined". ^^;;;

    The funny thing about Anpan's face this time around? He still has the frowny eyebrows, but if you tilt him around, his expression changes~ It's like his eyebrows magically shift depending on the angle. It's really cute!

  • kaiki

    I was hoping Anpan would have the open mouth expression that he has on the new books. His best expression so far. Hoping for one in the next-gen plushy pups.

  • Anna

    Awesome! I'm so excited >w< New plushies are really cute =D

  • nunuu

    Zuh. I thought you guys would do a bundle for the artbook and volume 3. :( Oh wells. :3

  • kitsy

    nunuu: To be honest, I thought about it... but then came the question of - what if I want to buy the artbook with a previous volume? ... and things got really complicated after that. ^^;; We may bundle them for in-person events and online sales later this year though~ ^^

  • nunuu

    Er, but I meant as a one-time special pre-order bonus thing though (along with the option to buy them separately). ^^

    Do it next time! XD

  • crimsonjade

    Oh yeah, I would so do the artbook compilation too...cuz...then it'll just be one item on my invoice...and I won't get the naggies from my significant other >__<"