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[Event] Kawaii Kon 2009 Mid-Event Report

0 Ish Good!

Holy Space Cow!

It has been a very very very busy weekend for us~! I totally underestimated the crowds on Friday (holiday) and when the doors opened, we were literally swarmed. o_o;! Scott was away picking up the partial Pollo shipment that *just* arrived, so it was just me and his mom holding up the fort. Thankfully, my cousin came by to help us our and totally saved the day!

So far, it's been a really positive event for us~ Lots of familiar faces from previous events and even a couple sightings we took note of:

Kawaii Kon 2009 Kawaii Kon 2009

Kawaii Kon 2009 Kawaii Kon 2009

A number of attendees came back with hats they purchased from previous years, a few came with their pups in tow - one came with his original Nemu from our very first batch in 2007 - yes, the handmade ones!

I'm so thankful we have such a great audience here! Thanks so much, everyone - for all your support!

I'll have a more coherent report (hopefully) after this weekend is over and all our orders are (finally!) shipped! Please note that we're making some changes to the online shop over the course of this weekend. We sold out of a number of items, but are tentatively planning on restocking *some*, but not all.

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15 Replies

  • Sophia

    That's her (the drawn Nemu Fan)in this pic, right?

  • Kaitou

    I was there yesterday, and I waited in line for two hours just to register. @_@ Good thing I had my DS and Pokemon Platinum with me! I also noticed you got some new pins, if I'm not mistaken. :D

  • Kk

    I really wanted to go but, its like 8 hours away so, you know.
    I can't wait for you guys to come to California in May!

  • Thav

    I wanted to go yesterday too buy it was 8 hrs away like you

  • kitsy

    Sophia: YAH! That's her! :D I had noticed her in line with the Anpan attached to her head, but couldn't check to see her pants. XD (The cropped pants are a usual giveaway~ ^^!)

    KK & Thav: We'll see the both of you soon at Fanime, I'm sure! :D

  • Vivi

    I was so happy to see you guys back at the con! I always look forward to your table in the Dealer's Room. :D

    My brother loves his Nemu shirts and buttons! <3 It was his first con (during his birthday on Saturday) and he really enjoyed his time there!

    Hope to see you at Kawaii Kon `10. (Pre-registered already. ;D)

  • the other anise

    hey, that was me! the blue shirted anise. I wore that on Friday...
    Can't wait for KK 2010! I want to do a cosplay group of Nemu Nemu with an Anise, Kana, Nemu, Anpan, Nemesis, Pollo, Henshin Rider, Hanshin Fryer... Just gotta get my friends to help out (:

  • kitsy

    It was good to see you guys as well! I'm so happy to see some cosplay of our characters! :D

    I have to really work out a better - more noteworthy - outfit for Kana. She doesn't quite stand out enough, IMO~ ^^

    We'll definitely be back in 2010~ Same location in the corner~ :D

  • reynard61

    Love the pic of the Imperial Stormtrooper with the pups!

    Cartoon idea: Stormtrooper holding pups with an annoyed Darth Vader (with crossed arms and tapping foot) behind him.

  • erikochan

    Cosplayers! You've finally hit the big time!
    I can hardly wait for the Henshin Rider cosplay now!! :D

    Looks like you had an awesome time. :3

  • pixelmehawaii

    Was lucky enough to get pictures of both Anise and Anpan! I wonder if they saw each other?



    I'll have my camera ready for the KK2010 Nemu*Nemu cosplay! :)

  • kitsy

    Reynard61: We were looking around for a Darth Vader - we missed the one wearing the samurai outfit!

    Eriko: I'm SO waiting for a Henshin Rider/Crimson Scarab/Cyan Cicada/Hanshin Flyer cosplay group. One day. XD

    PixelmeHI: OH! You DID catch her photo! Awesomesauce! :D

  • dabakaguy

    Yeah! I didn't realize it the first time, but I got mentioned in this blog, lolz. I'm the guy who "brought his original Nemu from 2007". I'll be definitely taking care of Nemu and I really hope to see you guys again next Kawaii-kon. ^3^

    Btw, what do you guys do with the pics u took at the kon? I was trying to see if I could fine mines, hehe.

  • Anise

    I was Kana(long hair version) because she didnt have my baretetes and all! Not even a rubber band!!