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[Event] Kawaii Kon 2009 Day 3 Report

0 Ish Good!

Alas, Kawaii Kon 2009 has come to a close! What a con it was!

Late on Saturday, I was requested to guest MC the first annual Artist Throwdown taking place first thing on Sunday morning. The participants were the Guests of Honor Shinji Aramaki and Stan Sakai, as well as Artist Alley Champion Brady Evans and local cartoonist, Jon J. Murakami. Backstage, I had the opportunity to say proper hellos to the Doko ga TV hosts Pali & Sachiko as well, who were working as translators.

Kawaii Kon Day 3

Kawaii Kon Day 3

Things also slowed down enough for us to wander the other rooms for a little bit while our families were manning the booth for us. ^_^

All in all, it was a fun con and I think we're looking forward to next year!

In the meanwhile, it'll take me about a day to recoup and reorganize all of our inventory, so please be aware that changes will be made to our shop soon. I will do my best to get all shipments out by Wednesday. I thank everyone for your patience with us during this super busy time! ^_^

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