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[Event] HUOA Spring Craft Fair '09 Report

0 Ish Good!

So our one day event at the Hawaii United Okinawa Association Spring Craft Fair is over~

It was a pretty mellow event all in all - some familiar faces popped up to say hello and we found some new readers~ :D

HUOA Spring Craft Fair Photo

Scott has a way of catching me with these awkward faces. XD; Admittedly, I was pretty tired. (Although this was taken BEFORE the event opened. ^_^;;!)

Here's a better photo:

HUOA Spring Craft Fair '09

Not much new to report aside from restocked stickers and a few different prints on display. We did sell out of our Peanut Butter Pirates women's shirts - so those have been removed from the site shop.

I did have some time to do some really rough people sketches though!

Sketch 2009.04.25 Sketch 2009.04.25 Sketch 2009.04.25

The "Pokemon" question inevitably happens at least once at every event we attend. We almost expect it. XD; I suppose I should feel flattered at that thought~ ^_^;

For more photos of the event from both us and kindly sent to us from Teresa F., check them out at our flickr collection!

But! The fun doesn't shop there!

We will be doing a signing at Collector Maniacs (Map!) on Free Comic Book Day, this upcoming Saturday from 10am - 12 noon.

On Sunday, May 3rd, we will be participating in the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii's "Kodomo no Hi" event again at the JCCH Headquarters. For more information on this event, click here for event details!

I'll be making more detailed official posts regarding these events a little later this week!

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3 Replies

  • Anna

    The store looks great =) I love that poster of Nemu, Anpan, and Pollo ^^

  • koukoupuffs


    You should add a "This is NOT Pokemon" line to your banner. Or maybe it some of tagline for convention ads. XD

  • TempleDog

    Nuthin' for're gonna have to create a nemu-nemu collectible card game for those silly sods who roll up askin' about teh pokemons. Great booth poster, by the way!