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[Event] JCCH Kodomo no Hi : Going Green!

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This is going to be a busy weekend for us!

Sunday, we will be participating in the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii's annual "Kodomo no Hi" event at the JCCH HQ in Moili'ili. The event is totally free and all ages are welcome!

The theme this year is "Going Green"
The event runs from 10am to 3pm. [MAP]


We will be located in the Teruya courtyard (like last year) in space #6. (Click on the image to see the full-sized map.)

In addition to a number of children's activities and crafts set up throughout the Center, the JCCH is also hosting a booth called "Benten's Book Swap", located on the 5th floor, where anyone can bring used children's books, anime, and manga and trade them in for items brought in by other attendees!

There is also kimono dressing available (a VERY popular event! Come early to avoid the lines!) and educational booths to learn how to play Go and Shogi.

Find out more information below about the event and its history! Hope to see you there!

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JCCH Kodomo no HI: Going Green!"On Sunday, May 3, the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i will celebrate both Children's Day and Earth Day with Kodomo no Hi: Keiki Fun Fest/Going Green. The Cultural Center's annual children's festival will feature crafts and games based on Japanese traditions with an added theme this year of recycling and sustainability. The event will also feature the debut of an exhibition in the Cultural Center's Community Gallery on Children's Day and Earth Day in Japan and the lessons they may hold for Hawai'i.

  • Children's crafts and games based on Japanese traditions
  • Recycled goods product fair
  • Displays on recycling and sustainability
  • Food and drink
  • Bring your used eyeglasses and batteries for recycling and receive a special prize!

Kodomi no Hi (Children's Day) is celebrated in Japan on May 5 as a national holiday that is a part of Golden Week, a modern adaptation of the traditional Boy's Day. Celebrated in Hawai'i since the early days of Japanese settlement, the holiday is marked by the flying carp banners that symbolize the strength and fortitude that Japanese parents hoped their sons would one day possess. Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22; some of the largest celebrations take place in Japan. Since 2007, the Japanese national holiday Midori no Hi (Greenery Day) also has been celebrated on May 4.

"Kodomo no tame ni, for the sake of the children is what we thought about when planning this year's festival." says Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i Gallery Director Christy Takamune. "While Kodomo no Hi is the traditional children's holiday, the purpose of Earth Day--to promote environmental consciousness--is all about the children and the world we leave for them as well. Thus, it seemed natural to incorporate a green theme into our annual festival."

In addition to displays of traditional Girl's Day dolls and other objects associated with Children's Day, the community gallery will also feature displays of recycling practices in Japan and Hawai'i. Perhaps because Japan and Hawai'i share an island existence, they also share a concern with recycling. Can recycling practices in Japan sponsored by both governmental and non-governmental organizations be adapted for use in Hawai'i? Come celebrate - and learn - with us on May 3! For more information, call the Cultural Center at (808) 945-7633 or email at"

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