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Snack Trek

0 Ish Good!

Can you believe it's already May?

Where did this year go? o_O;

Anyhoo - it's that time again! Featuring our exclusive East Oahu Sun strip for May - "Snack Trek".

Episode 410 - Snack Trek

I bet you can tell one of us is/was a serious trekkie... and it's not me. XD

Apologies for any artistic licenses taken. ^_^;


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6 Replies

  • Linz

    Yay for nemu nemu & yay for ice cream. I just went through the flickr set to look at all the old ones yesterday.

    Curious though - was the apostrophe in the last panel ("I feel totally i'll") intentional? Just wondering. :)

  • Pixel Me Hawai'i

    "More?! I'm crankin' as fast as I can. I canna change the laws of physics! Any faster and she'll fly apart! Come on lass! Hold together just a little longer! Captain! We have ice cream!" - With sincerest apologies to Mr. Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer. Sorry couldn't resist.

  • kimonostereo

    @Linz: Oops! We uploaded the wrong file. It's fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out!

    @pixel I always find it kinda funny when kids at my work place call me Mr. Scott. I always think of my favorite space engineer.

  • Cherry

    LOL! Nyama nyama ice cream~
    Sounds like the swine flu somehow... ._. I hope it won't come to Hawaii!
    Kana's headband reminds me of Haruhi Suzumiya's... X3
    By the way, will book 3 with the limited edition obi still be avalible at the JCC? :3

  • kitsy

    Cherry: We still have copies of books with the limited edition obi~ We'll have a good number on hand for sale at the JCCH event. ^_^

  • Pixel Me Hawai'i

    @KimonoStereo If the kids understand their reference, a very high compliment to you indeed! If not, I think a Star Trek marathon featuring our favorite Chief Engineer is in order for those young lads!

    @Kyubikitsy Carries the flavor nicely!

    Peace and long life.