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[Event] Weekend Report - FCBD & Kodomo no Hi!

0 Ish Good!

Just sharing some photos from this weekend's events!

Free Comic Book Day - Collector Maniacs

Free Comic Book Day - Collector Maniacs

It was a small and short event at Collector Maniacs~ We had a good time chatting with the regulars and Lance - the lone staffer of the morning. ^^ We were there for about two hours - watched the Owly freebie disappear in about 20 minutes and spent the rest of the time encouraging folks to pick up the "Blackest Night" - a reboot(?) of the Green Lantern series. ^^

Japanese Cultural Center: Kodomo no Hi

JCCH Children's Day

JCCH Children's Day

JCCH Children's Day

It was a really fun event! Lots of events, performances, and activities going on - there really wasn't a dull moment. XD The best thing about the event was all the NYAMA foods!

It was truly a scorcher though! We did our best to avoid the direct sun~ ^_^!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at both events! I'm always thrilled to see familiar faces~ ^^

For more photos, check our recent flickr photostream~!

We're looking forward to one more local event - the Moanalua High School Spring Craft Fair on Saturday, May 9th from 9am-2pm! More info on that one a little later this week~

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2 Replies

  • Kk

    Looks fun, I wish I could've come. I did pick up an Owly at a local comic store though, very cute. Something that caught my eye in the photo was that red pollo picture, on the canvas. Is it for sale? I also noticed a Sam one in your flickr collection. My friends and I though they are very cool!

  • kitsy

    KK: Isn't the Owly & Friends comic cute? I just read through mine last night. ^_^

    The red Pollo painting is an original acrylic painting. There was a similar one of Sam that we had brought to Kawaii Kon - which has already sold~ They're $50. I hope to do a few more in time for Fanime later this month. Whatever doesn't sell, we'll probably put up on our site sometime next month. ^^