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[Fan Art] Cute stuff arrives in the mail~

0 Ish Good!

Every now and again, we receive cute fan art via snail mail~ :D

nemu*nemu Fan Art! nemu*nemu Fan Art!

The drawing on the left is from Kaylie S. - the drawing on the right is from Kawaii Not's Meghan! :D

Thanks guys~! :D

Meanwhile, depending on how much time I have between now and Fanime, I might finish this acrylic painting...

In Progress Painting

It's been "in progress" since before Kawaii Kon - I just haven't had time to sit down and finish it amongst all our other deadlines. X_X;; I'm looking forward to the short break between events to get back on track and hopefully get back to doing more art than business busy-ness. ^^;

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