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[Event] Moanalua High School Spring Craft Fair '09 Report

0 Ish Good!

Happy (Belated) Mama's Day! :D We had a nice family lunch at a popular local buffet~ How 'bout you? ^_^?

Holy Space Cow.

It was one hot weekend - a serious scorcher. Scott and I tried to battle the sun as best we could with bottles of frozen water, SPF 50 sun screen, hats, and shade, but I think we still got burned. To put it lightly, it was brutal. I tip my hats to all the veteran crafters who do this all year 'round!

Thankfully, this was our last local event at Moanalua High School until the winter season, which will give me a nice time to catch up to life in general and re-focus on our comic.

MoHS Spring Craft Fair '09

We had some really great neighbors this weekend - the pair to our right was Island Core Hawaii - specializing in really cute, local-style kids shirts. To our left was a lady from LA demo'ing painless hair removers and other "as-seen-on-TV" items.

We sold out of some items during the weekend and restocked on some of our shirt sizes - just in time for Fanime later this month. Our shop should be updated with *most* of the changes.

More stuff in on the way too! Woo!

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4 Replies

  • Cherry

    Are you not going to be on tour in Hawaii until December? D: *sits in emo corner*

  • kitsy

    Cherry: Indeed~ No more events (at least locally) until the winter months~ We're waiting to hear for confirmations on a few events. Just keep an eye out on our blog for any updates!

  • Dee

    Can't wait to see you guys there! Thanks a lot for the tipoff for business cards and everything!

  • kitsy

    Dee: Let me know where you'll be in the AA! We'll have to stop by one of the evenings~ ^^