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The Pups Have Landed!

0 Ish Good!

Need I say more?

I'll let the photo do the talking~

Pups Arrival - 2009.05.12

I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally see these pups. T____T; It's been a very long and stressful month to get these guys here. *collapse*

Thanks for everyone's patience~! All pending orders will be shipped this morning.

Also, as a side note regarding the shop - any purchases made after Friday of this week will held for shipping after we return from Fanime. (Just so that we have time this weekend to prep for our trip.) Most of our inventory will be shipped to California as of Thursday - namely pins - so if you have any particular designs you'd like, please make your orders soon as some quantities are VERY limited and may not be re-stocked.

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5 Replies

  • Pixel Me Hawai'i

    @kyubikitsy :) Love that picture!

    @kimonostereo @kyubikitsy Hoping you two get to take a timeout before your trip to Fanime to reset and recover! No fun if you go either sick, exhausted, sore, or all of the above!

    Health is your wealth!

  • Kk

    OMP! So many Nemu! Yes, I agree, you should really get a timeout, you two always seem so busy!
    No scarfs? Oh noes! You probably add them on, I think.

  • kitsy

    KK: Actually, the pups do have scarves ~ I just had to wash them to rid them of the extra dye (so they won't stain the fur) and re-tie them. :D

    It's kinda funny~ when planning events, it doesn't *seem* so terrible, but boy- it's killer to do it every week for weeks on end. ^^; (On top of a bajillion other tasks!)

  • TempleDog

    AaaaaH! Do want! Hey, speakin' o' comic shtuffs, I mentioned Nemu-Nemu to Kean Soo at TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) 2009, and he did this for ya.

    I'll mail it out tamorry, and I'll be placing my order fer pups at the same time. Shooper! And I'll also throw in my endorsement for a lil' KimonoKitsy R and R doods have been burnin' the candle at both ends!

  • kitsy

    TempleDog: !!! Thanks so much! I hope we can make it to TCAF in 2011 - I've only heard awesome things about this year!

    I totally can't wait for a break after all our events are through~ It's been a lot of fun, but can also be really exhausting. ^_^;