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[Event] NJAHS Gallery Meet n' Greet!

0 Ish Good!

This is a little late notice, but we just got confirmation for dates and time not too long ago.


NJAHS might sound a bit familiar to those reading our blog entries. I made a note of our participation in the "Many Faces of Manga" gallery showing a few months back. It turns out that we will be in the area while the show is in progress to be a part of an official meet n' greet!

So here's the lowdown:
nemu*nemu Meet n' Greet/Tweet-Up
Thursday, May 21st - 7-9pm
The Many Faces of Manga Exhibit
National Japanese American Historical Society
1684 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Ph: (415) 921.5007

Deb Aoki, the manga blogger at, is tying this event in with a local tweet-up (for those who use Twitter!) so it should be a cozy gathering~ :D

See you NorCal peeps there!

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2 Replies

  • Kk

    Awesome, I'm going to go, perhaps with a couple friends. Also, MY NEMU, ANPAN, AND POLLO CAME TODAY!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! (I was ruuning around my house, including outside, screaming "Yay!!!! It came!!!!!!")

  • Dee

    DARN. Thats like down the street of where I live! But I have class until 10 pm. Maybe I can get out of it.. TEEHEE >w<