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Fanime Reveal #1: Toasty!

0 Ish Good!

As the countdown to Fanime begins, I have a couple reveals to share over the course of this week!

Today's reveal?

Our newest shirt design, featuring Toasty:


Don't remember who Toasty is? Here's where Nemu first meets him~

He shows up a few more times throughout the chapter. Anyone interested in pointing out the rest of the strips he shows up in? Post the answers/links in our comments - first person to do so correctly will get a small prize in the mail!

Congrats Mirki!
"A Watched Toaster", "Sneaky Toaster" & "Mr. Toasty... Unplugged"

More reveals tomorrow!

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5 Replies

  • Mirki

    I remember him showing up in "A Watched Toaster" and "Sneaky Toaster" "Mr. Toasty... Unplugged", but that's all I remember XD

    And I many just remember that because I have them as my wallpaper.

  • kitsy

    Mirki: CORRECT! :D I'll be contacting you shortly~ :D

  • Vero

    Is the shirt only for sale at the convention or can they be purchased elsewhere?

  • kitsy

    Vero: The shirt will be available in the shop once we return from California. Probably expect them to be up early June. ^_^

    I'm just passing on pre-orders as we're super short on time this time around. ^^

  • Cherry

    Best t-shirt evar... *drools*