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Fanime Reveal #3: More Shtuff!

0 Ish Good!

So, before we head out to Fanime, I have one more reveal. Sort of~

You might be able to guess what they might be?

HANGTAGS-FanimePreview.jpg   STICKERS09-PupsonBoard.jpg

Also! Another reveal! (But not for sale, sorry folks~)

Pankaida Timbuk2 Bag - Custom Pankaida Timbuk2 Bag - Custom

The "Pankaida Brothers" Timbuk2 custom bag is something I've been working on - off and on - for about 6 months.

Scott purchased a custom-made messenger bag from the San Francisco Timbuk2 shop. (It was the only way to get the artist's canvas panels - as they had very limited fabric in stock) I started on it the day it arrived with the pups gracing the front panel...

Then we got really busy and I held off on working on it -- until today!

The canvas panels are colored with Copic markers and inked with multi-liners and sharpies. White specks are gouache. Decomarkers were used to ink the silver and gold details on the ballistic canvas panels.

And about 4 hours later and ink fumes permeating the room -- DONE!

Just in time for Fanime~!

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3 Replies

  • Mailechan

    OMP! I used to be the hugest Kikaida fan! Pankaida is wonderful and I want one now!

  • Kk

    Lets see, the first image is the plush tag? And the second is a very cute sticker? I cannot wait for Fanime!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilly-Nil

    DO WANT!!! I really hope you'll be at Otakon... ^__^