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[Event] Fanime '09

0 Ish Good!

We're just about ready to head out the door for our flight to San Jose for Fanime Con!

The event is taking place at the San Jose Convention Center from May 22-25th.

We will be in the Dealer's Hall (Exhibit Hall 3) at Booth #601 (near-ish to the exit). Hours are as follows:
Friday, May 22: 2-8pm
Saturday, May 23: 10-7pm
Sunday, May 24: 10-7pm
Monday, May 25: 10-3pm

Also! For nemu*nemu fans in the SF Japantown area, there will be a Meet n' Greet at the NJAHS gallery from 7pm-9pm on Thursday!

NorCal peeps, see you there?


Also! While we are away from the home/studio, we'll be running guest strips~! Today's contribution is by Bobby B., also known as "Bento Box Bobby".

Find more of his work at YouTube and DeviantArt!

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3 Replies

  • Diana Moon

    Oooh a meet and greet at Jtown? Will try my best to make it. =D

  • Konachan918

    Unfortunately I won't make it to Fanime this year :( I have summer school and we have midterms coming up so I need the long weekend to study :P

    Good luck. I hope to see you guys at future events!

  • funkarilla

    Wow, you guys are going to Fanime?!?!?
    I'll be sure to bring my nemu-nemu comic, to get it signed.
    I'll be so happy to see you all there (: