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[Event] Greetings from Fanime '09

0 Ish Good!

Holy Space Cow!

All ready! Dealers room is opening now! Come visit us at booth 601! #fanime #fanimecon

It's been a great weekend thus far at Fanime Con! It has been a long 4 days (we're just starting day 4 now) but we've had a lot of fun~ Lots of familiar faces, familiar names (that we've FINALLY put faces to!) and a bunch of new friends of nemu*nemu made!

I meant to blog earlier about all our guest artists and the convention, but we've been so busy!

We finally got to debut the new plushy pups and brand new fleece hats! We also have new pin badges and the brand new Toasty shirts have been selling well! We should be opening these up for sale shortly after we return to Hawaii next week!

Our Friday/weekend strip was by Meghan Murphy of Kawaii Not fame! This was her second time helping us out - check out her first guest strip from last year!

Monday's strip is by NorCal illustration artist, Mike Dutton! He has his own webcomic, One Swoop Fell - that updates every Wednesday!

We're big fans of both these talented artists and so honored to feature their guest strips!

We have more coming guest strips on their way later this week!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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8 Replies

  • funkarilla

    HI!! It was great to see the booth at Fanime. I was able to purchase both the Nemu and Anpan plushies, the Nemu/Pollo shirt, and a Nemu fleece cap.

    I was curious, will you guys be set up at any other cons? It would be awesome to see you at Anime Expo.

    Anyway, I hope you all had fun!! (:

  • kitsy

    Funkarilla: Hi! I wish you would have introduced yourself! Aaaaahhh~~ XD;;

    Unfortunately, Fanime looks to be the only event we will be doing outside of Hawaii this year. We might try for AX next year. ^^

    Thanks for visiting us! ^__^v

  • Anna

    I love seeing your con pics ^^ The new hats look great =)

  • Riri

    Waaa~ You can't believe how happy I was to see the booth at FanimeCon! I wish I had more money to purchase more stuff, but I was at least able to get a shirt, a book, and a pin haha! You made me all giggly inside :3 Will you be back next year as well? I hope you enjoyed the convention! <3

  • TempleDog

    Whoo! You guys sure know how to cover a table...look at all them pupsh! Hope you have fun, but fer corn's sake, get yerself some down-time after look kinda sorta really tired in the photo. Napsh all 'round!

  • celestial_okami

    I was there and am one of the new fans! The bookmark with the comic on it you handed out really sold me on it! Thanks~ ^-^

  • Robert K

    I was the one bringing new customers to you on the last day of FanimeCon 09. I wanted to say thanks again for choosing this event in my city to promote Nemu-Nemu on the Mainland... Much love to the both of you and I hope to see you again next year...OR sooner...(^_^)

  • ninj4

    It was great to see u all again, KKS! Yay for my one year of smiles and fun from everyone at nemu*nemu xD And I've already started on my "second year in review" *hint hint* =]