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New Shtuff For Sale!

0 Ish Good!

Now that we're properly settled in from our return from Fanime --

I present you our latest merchandise!

Thumbnail image for Where all good bread turn to the dark side!

Toasty proved to be a popular design for us - so much so, we're relatively low on some of our unisex sizes - and completely sold out of our XLs. o_o!

If you are interested in a size not listed, please use our contact form to get in touch with us. Depending on how fast our stock moves, we may do a re-order later in the year. No guarantees though~

And our latest pin designs for perusal! :D


Check them out in our shop: Pins can be found here -- Shirts (and totes!) can be found here!

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6 Replies

  • ali

    awww! cute little pins :]

  • jen

    You should totally have the option to buy these as magnets, too! I don't really have much to do with pins, but I'd love to see these all over my fridge! &=)

  • kitsy

    Jen: We're still looking into magnets as an option~ Maybe we'll try a run of magnets later this year and see how they go~ ^^

  • Sean

    Um. Shouldn't that be "all good bread turnS"? Methinks you've been speaking stuffed-animal babytalk too long...

  • kitsy

    Sean: I think it works both ways. It would be "turns" if it refers to one single object - he, she, it "turns"... but for more than one or an entity, I think "turn" works. They turn, to turn, we turn... etc.

    Regardless, too late! It's already printed on our shirts~ :D

  • Sean

    Kyubikitsy: eh, not really. "Bread" is singular and third-person, like he, she, it. You might say "breads turn" or "bread turns", but never "bread turn". Oh well, I figured by the time you were announcing shirts it'd be too late, but had to mention it.