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More Belated Thank Yous~

0 Ish Good!

Scott and I have been really blessed with awesome readers and friends~ Since Kawaii Kon this year, we've been gifted with some really cute things that I SRSLY had to share:

Fan Art - Julieyumi

Henshin Rider Cosplay fanart by julieyumi - SO CUTE. Even Mister Buns as Angel Flan and Pollo as the Natto Bug! XD (Why didn't I think of that~~~)

Fan Art - Charms by Dee!

And Dee from Studio Boxkat (site is under heavy construction) gifted us these charms when she met up with us at the NJAHS gallery. She's a local artist who's currently studying in San Francisco~ :D

charm09.jpg And lastly, another super cute charm from Ann- one of our first fans from Kawaii Kon back in 2007~! Last year she gifted us with a Halloween/"Chicken Trees Day" themed one that hangs on my work lamp stand~ :D

+ + + + + + + + + +

Lastly! I should note that our books (Volumes 1-3) are now available for sale at Isotope, located in the Hayes Valley District of San Francisco! It's a really cool shop - most notably when you walk in, there's autographed toilet seat covers lining the walls. (Yes, toilet seat covers.) James Sime is the man in charge - always dressed to impressed and ready for action! :D If you're ever in the area, be sure to stop by!

Isotope Comics!

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  • nunuu

    Still waiting on those nemu keychains to be produced! >:3

    Also, as a completely random aside, there's actually a similar design of a "block cat" in Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! (known as a blockat/blokat/blocat). DDDD: