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A Self-Contained Meme

0 Ish Good!

d09-01.jpgIt's a hot and summery Saturday here in Hawai'i nei~ Concentrating on my work at hand is somewhat... difficult. (.__.);

So, humor me folks!

Is there anything you'd like to know about me?

Just post your questions as comments - I'll do my best to answer them in a follow-up post. ^^

Also! Out of curiosity, what was your first introduction into comics? Like, what really got you hooked to the point where you wanted to explore the whole genre of comics/manga?

Again, I'll post my answer in the follow-up post~ :D

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8 Replies

  • Kk

    Hmmmm, oh I got two!
    Question; How and when did you decide to start doing manga and comics?
    Question; Where do you get any of your inspriation?

  • Koiyuki

    I believe I told you when I first e-mailed you, but I first came across this place Googling Omiyage. My first real introduction to comics was Azumanga Daioh. To this day it's still one of my favorite comics in the collection. From there I got deeply into the comic scene and was eventually interested enough to start writing my own, which is now on my artist's end to bring to life.

    My question, is what's your process of comic creation from beginning to end?

  • wen

    So what was is like to work for the one of the biggest US comic book companies way back when?

  • ninj4

    hoho, a Q&A event! how fun *evil chuckle* >:D

    relax, i won't ask anything scary xD so here's my question: how'd you come up with your pen-name "kitsy"? (i hope i didn't miss the story on a previous blog)

    and how'd i get started in the comic/manga scene? why, the funny pages in the papers, of course! =D

  • em-chan

    hey, i was wondering, what comics do you like to read? any mangas?

  • devlyn

    I started reading manga when I found some good-priced books - I usually don't buy them, because it's like $10 for 20 minutes of reading. I started out with Chobits, Love Hina, and Sailor Moon. I still wish I could add to my collection, but so far the cheapest manga I've found was in a Japanese bookstore in Vancouver, BC... For all of $8CAD, I got 4 different manga (1st books in the series). However, they're all in Japanese, so I have to get my dictionary out often. Oh, and I only read kana. ^_^'
    Anyhow, about you: What is your favorite food? Do you eat a lot of spam musubi??

  • Naktarr

    My question is: well the mac and PC thing is pretty much answered, sooo there goes my question ^^;

    And I remember reading comics as a kid, like Tom and Jerry and The Phantom (which I used to find deathly boring) but what got me into comics was making my own with friends when we were 13/14 but even then I didn't start reading any until I began playing games and reading the fansites where people posted their fan comics - this was when I was 19, so as you can see I was a slow progressor and that wasn't too long ago!
    Also cartoons, both 2D and 2D helped a lot.

  • reynard61

    This is probably too late, but...

    Q: How are you and Scott like/unlike your characters?

    "(W)hat was your first introduction into comics?"

    If you're talking about "American" comics, it was Charles Schulz's "Peanuts" and whatever comic strips appeared in the local paper. A little later I started reading DC and Marvel. (Mainly the military-themed stuff -- which drove my mom nuts, she was heavily into the anti-war movement at the time -- and Horror-themed comics. I was a rather weird kid...)

    I actually got into anime long before I saw my first manga. (I was watching the original 1960's B&W episodes of Tetzuka's "Astroboy" when I was about 6.) I'm currently collecting the "InuYasha" manga (Viz's English translation), but I sometimes read random selections of others. (The public library where I live has a tiny collection because practically no one wants to donate them, and the library board won't spend it's own money to acquire them.)