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Questions Answered: Part 2

0 Ish Good!

Continuing on with my mini Q & A session!


Behind the cut!

What was it like to work for the one of the biggest US comic book companies way back when?
You must mean Marvel. :D Actually, I was a contract worker through Udon Entertainment - my assignment was to do background colors for a few titles. One was X-Men, another was Arana - called "Amazing Fantasy" at the time. I worked as part of a team of colorists.

eb1b.jpgHow the process worked was the writers and penciler would work on the script and page break-down of each issue. Once the artist completed his job, it would be passed to the inker, then to us. One of us would do "flats" - basically coloring in all major sections - foreground objects, backgrounds, effects, and so on like a coloring book and save them to separate layers. I'd grab a copy of the file, hide the character layer and start coloring and shading the environments. I would then upload the full file for the finisher for any color fixes, adjustments, and special effects. Once the pages were approved, they would be sent off to the letterer and we would get paid once it went to print.

The workload was really intense. Because we were the last work-intensive stage, we often got the pages in with very little time to spare and often out of order. ^^; We'd often complete 25-or-so pages in about a week and a half. That equalled a lot of long late nights in a row.

The best thing about the experience was just how fast I learned in such a short period of time. I still use a lot of those techniques to this day.

(As a short aside - this photo was taken during one of our late night work sessions back in early 2004.)

Kitsune-portrait.jpgHow'd you come up with your pen-name "kitsy"?
This might be a little long-winded, but it all started with me looking for a new handle when I re-entered the online world back in 1998. I thought "kitsune" would be something different and unusual -- which turned out to be one of the most frequently used nicknames online at the time for those in-the-know of Japanese folklore. ^^; (This was before the coming of Naruto and other fox-related anime/games.)

To separate myself from all the other "kitsune" out there, I added "kyubi" - which refers to the 9-tails, and created an online character for myself when I joined the ArtCorner back in 1999 as a REFF.

"Kyubi Kitsune" was a bit long, and people would just call me "kitsu", which was then became "kitsy" via typos. ("u" and "y" are often mixed up when typing fast.)

So there you have it~ "kyubikitsy" all came from a typo! :D

manga-collection.jpgWhat comics do you like to read? Any mangas?
Most of my collection is manga, to tell you the truth. I started with Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, moved to Silent Möbius, then Ranma 1/2. (All three are still in my favorites to this day~) Past that point, it's a huge blur - I started to watch a lot of anime, since it was much more accessible. I returned to comics in late 2004 when I had less time to watch anime.

I currently am reading/collecting Pluto, 20th Century Boys, Monster, YOTSUBA&!, Bleach!, Hikaru No Go, Fruits Basket, Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro, GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class, Aria, Honey and Clover, xxxHOLiC , Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Kaze Hikaru, and Emma.

It's only been in the past 5 years that I started branching out and reading other non-mainstream, non-manga titles.

(Photos shows only a very small part of the entire collection... very small.)

What is your favorite food? Do you eat a lot of spam musubi??
I love Japanese snack foods - to a fault. There was one time I spent a good portion of a paycheck on canned Calpis fruit drinks when I was working at a local wholesale Asian grocer. Not a proud moment, I must say... but at least I bought them on sale. ^^;

I love umeboshi... especially the dried variety. *_*! I also love Tim Tams with hot cocoa - although I'm not usually a big chocolate person. Macarons are also high on my list - when I can afford them (which is like, not very often.)

For non-snackish foods, I'm a fan of yakiniku, garlic chicken, korean spicy pork, soon doobu jigae, nabeyaki udon, salmon nigiri sushi, Kyushu-style tonkotsu ramen, fro-yo - of course!

I also used to eat a LOT of spam musubi when I was in high school. My school cafeteria made a pretty mean musubi, I must admit -- and for a $1-something, it was a reasonably priced snack/meal. Nowadays, not as much.

But ah~ the good ol' days!

Any other questions? Feel free to add them here~ :D I'll be answering more tomorrow!

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4 Replies

  • blubloodrazberry

    ahh~ the secrets of the master pros~ what valuable knowledge. *takes notes* 先生、教えてください。 i'm glad to hear about the artists~

  • Jason

    Udon Entertainment is awesome! did you work on Taskmaster (a project Udon did for Marvel - Udon artists, inkers, colorists, the works i believe)? i loved that series!

    and Monster is one of the best manga out there. very powerful!

    my second question is this: what non-manga comics do you read? :)


  • YumeHeart

    Out of all the nemu nemu strips that you've created over the years, what are some of your favorites? Why?

    For the record, my favorite is Hawaiian Ai: The Journey. It's so beautiful! :)

  • kitsy

    Jason: Funny.. I was just reading about the Taskmaster in a comic I picked up in California. XD (More on that later~!)

    I only worked on a handful of X-men issues and a few Arana ones -- all titles issued by Marvel, we were just contracted to do the colors. I also worked as a colorist for Antarctic Press in 2003... although I'm still looking for copies of the issues to add to my collection. ^^;

    And I highly recommend Urasawa's work to older readers. They can be super complex and rather violent for younger readers, but I have yet to find a more compelling and engaging storyteller. My favorite part of Monster is the short "aside" story about the man who was teaching Dr. Tenma how to shoot to kill and the little girl he lived with. So so so good.