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TAIS ChickenJam!

0 Ish Good!

This is so full of awesome! :D

Much thanks to Neil a.k.a "TempleDog" of TAIS and the ChickenJam Animation competition!

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5 Replies

  • raven40

    That was a very good video. I was though hoping for voices.

  • Anna

    I want to watch it so bad speakers are broken! D: It looks very cute though ^^

  • ninj4

    hoho! nice xD

    @anna: hope u get those fixed =O

  • erikochan

    Oh wow! I did a workshop and went to some showings from TAIS back when I was a student.

  • TempleDog

    Hey! Thanks for all the great feedback about the 'toon! Really, I just wanted an excuse to put Nemu in a silly chicken hat. The 'toon will screen along with all the other great ChickenJam films and some really awesome independently animated shorts at the National Film Board Cinematheque on John Street here in Toronto on June 25th. Eriko-Chan, come by and say Hi! And thanks to Kitsy and Stereo for letting me aminate the pups. Cheers!