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Questions Answered: Part 3

0 Ish Good!

Day 3 of the Q&A meme!

High Paw!

Any questions for me? (Or Scott, for that matter?) Ask away!

Q's answered below the cut!

You and Scott have other jobs besides making Nemu-Nemu? It seems like it takes a lot of time out of your lives to promote and create the comic.
KANA-Study.jpgI started working on nemu*nemu full time as of September 2007. Previously, I had been working as a Legislative Aide at the Hawaii State Senate. During those first couple years, Scott did a lot more work on the comic, as I had some crazy long work hours - especially during Session. Most of the first 12 chapters were sketched by me, but inked by him. He also cleaned up the panels, drew backgrounds, and did most of the toning. We completed a slew of merchandise just in time for our debut at Kawaii Kon '06. We were well received for being relative "unknowns". At the end of the first year, we decided that we were going to really dedicate more time and effort to growing the comic.

By our second year, things were changing at my workplace that offered me the opportunity to pursue nemu*nemu full time. I decided to leave my job to pursue this full time. Scott and I also got married on Halloween that year~ :D

Since then, it's been largely me at the helm. Scott still does a good portion of the back-end work - website maintenance and development, lettering, and assists me with the merchandise planning. Scott still holds the day-job to pay the bills.

Scott is a website manager and tech coordinator for a local private elementary school~ ^^

How are you and Scott like/unlike your characters?
Just speaking on my own behalf - the girls are the two extremes of my personality.


Kana is my "contained" side. She's artsy-craftsy, loves to read, loves to try new things. She wears glasses, collects dolls, and cooks. She can be pretty shy and self-conscious, and possibly thinks too much.

Anise is my "impulsive" side. She doesn't think or plan ahead - she just does. She dresses in the same ol' clothes - capri pants, her favorite Henshin Rider t-shirts, knee high socks, shoes. One-track minded.

ANI-HolySpaceCow.jpgScott's personality takes over where I leave off - he's the fanatical fan in Anise and the mellow advice-giver in Kana. He also builds and organizes stuff far better than I do. Me? I'm just very excitable. You know that "Holy Space Cow" pin? That's me.

I'd like to think that Scott and Anpan have a lot in common. They both have angry eyebrows - even though they're not "angry" per se. They are natural-born leaders and will pretty much speak their mind. They're both very loyal and thoughtful deep-down, despite being cranky and gruff on the outside.

In comparing Nemu and Scott, I have to say that the similarities aren't so apparent. They share a love for soft and gooey foods. They also have extraordinary imaginations~

* * * * *

*phew* Good questions!

That's it for today~ More tomorrow! Any other questions - feel free to add them as a comment!

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  • Lollie Kins

    What's are you top 3 snacks that you keep in your office to help aide in munchy attacks?

    FYI- Soy Joy bars, mixed nuts and granola(with pumpkin seeds!)

  • Cherry

    (I know this is late but...) When I was younger I saw this poster with a picture of some anime on it. -.-' I asked my older friend if she knew what it was because I thought it was really nice looking. She showed me her whole collection of Inuyasha and so much more... so she was my introduction to manga!
    I love manga and anime *drool*! :3
    A list of mangas I bought/want/like: Angelic Layer, Tokyo Mew Mew, Ranma 1/2, Full Metal Alchemist, Maison Ikkoku, Absolute Boyfriend, Honey and Clover, Azumanga Daioh, The Record of a Fallen Vampire,cxxxHolic, Yotsuba&! Yume Kira Dream Shoppe, Wanted, Captive Hearts, Aria, Shugo Chara!, Rozen Maiden, Naruto, Zombie-Loan, Sand Chronicles, Honey Hunt, Otomen, Mixed Vegtables...
    There's too much -_-!!! And manga's so expensive... *sob*

  • DaughterJudy

    I have a pretty variable collection of manga but I only own the complete series of a few. I have about two grand into the collection... -_-;;

  • lauren

    Was art going to be your original career?

  • reynard61