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Questions Answered: Part 4

0 Ish Good!

Day 4 of the Q&A meme!


Any questions? Feel free to comment with them!

Questions and answers behind the cut!

What non-manga comics do you read? :)

I'm a light-weight when it comes to non-manga comics.

I used to read series like Danger Girl, Battle Chasers, and Witchblade back in the mid-90s as they had a noticeable manga-esque feel to the art. I also read a lot of the Runaways, but stopped after the original team more or less left the series.

Nowadays, I collect trade paperback compilation of the Marvel reboot of the Power Pack series with art done by Gurihiru. (I don't really like collecting the single issues - aside from the cover art. ^^;)

Some other series I read are Liberty Meadows, The Baby-Sitters Club, Scott Pilgrim, Amulet, Bone, Mutts, and Peanuts, of course.

Out of all the nemu nemu strips that you've created over the years,
what are some of your favorites? Why?

I find it really difficult to choose favorites - because each strip resonates with me in some way, shape, or form. :D

Here's my current list of favorites:

  • Predator - The last panel just makes me laugh~ XD

  • Hawaiian Ai: The Journey - This was the first strip I got to really just break out and be artistic.

  • Bagel or Donut - Another experimental strip that I liked the results enough to make a whole chapter of it.

  • Epic Pizza - This Shwamu arc just happened on its own~ I feel so happy with how the last panel turned out!

  • A Great Day - Great days are usually shared moments.

  • A Thousand Words - This was done around the time my grandmother passed away. Although it was a sad time for all of us, it was also a moment that I could let my comic do the talking.

  • Nyama Nyama Chrishymas - This is an East Oahu Sun comic that practically wrote itself. The 3rd panel is currently my most favorite. XD

  • Canceling Out - Although I had a difficult time pre-planning this chapter, this sequence just popped into my mind and HAD to be drawn. I'm so happy with the results! It turned out more EPIC than I could have originally planned!

  • Up! - A moment that had to be put down on paper - so to speak.

  • Joy Ride - Although I myself cannot ride a bike straight to save my life, there is that feeling of "freeness" that feels so great when riding down a hill and letting the bike take you where you want to go.

What are your top 3 snacks that you keep in your office to help aide in munchy attacks?
It's always rotating... although we like to have lavosh with some hummus, nuts... and cereal (Kashi Autumn Harvest "mini wheats" are really good.). :D Scott always has nuts, peanut butter, and oatmeal at the ready. ^^

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  • Jaymee

    Cheers to Bone and Mutts!

  • Brad

    What was the name of the anime you watched the most when you were at Scripps (i.e. kept borrowing the tapes from me)? ;)

    p.s. Hi Audra, been a long time!