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Questions Answered: Part 5 (The Conclusion)

0 Ish Good!

Sketch-0015.jpg Just a couple more questions!

These are short, so no cut!

Was art going to be your original career?
I think from a young age, I thought I was going to do something art-related. I just didn't know what. For a long time, I believed I would go into illustration to do children's books, but stumbled into comics.

For those wondering, I majored in Asian Studies. I was hoping to work in Japan - and I did for a year. ^^

What was the name of the anime you watched the most when you were at Scripps (i.e. kept borrowing the tapes from me)? ;)

Would that be... MARMALADE BOY? XD (Hey Brad! :D)

* * * * *

I guess this is as good a place as any to close this meme!

Thanks for everyone's questions and thanks for keeping me entertained!

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5 Replies

  • erikochan

    Muahahaha, I remember Marmalade Boy! It was one of the first long anime series that I watched. And then I lent the tapes to my classmate and got all her roomates hooked too!

  • Brad

    Marmalade Boy is correct! Very cute comic. Glad to know you're doing well. =)


  • kitsy

    Erikochan: I totally got my roommates all hooked on it too! Such a good series~ Brings back a lot of great memories. ^__^

    Brad: Much thanks! Good to see you're still alive and out there! :D Are you still local?

  • erikochan

    Kitsy: You know what's funny? Whenever I see that "Starchild" logo animation, I immediately forget what it was I was going to watch and associate it with Marmalade Boy. And then I am momentarily disappointed when it's not. Heh.

  • erikochan

    Hmm, my bad. It's Toei, not Starchild. I must have had the Starchild connection with something else. Weird...