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Friends of the Library Book Sale 2009

0 Ish Good!

In spite of our seemingly endless busy schedule, there are a few things we definitely make time for.

One of them is the annual Friends of the Library Book Sale. Each year, it's held at the McKinley High School Cafeteria and boxes and boxes of books are hauled to the event - priced for quick sale.

Doors opened to the public on Saturday and Scott and I were queued up in line to get in about 30 minutes before opening. He made a bee-line to the comics section while I head straight to the foreign language area. In past years, we've picked up original issues of long out-of-print comics at rock bottom prices, great reference books, art books, and some favorites in hard cover.

This is our haul from our first visit on Saturday - Day 2. (We went back later that evening to pick up some things I found out I missed out on.)

CD Haul Day 2 Scott's Book Haul Day 2 My Book Haul Day 2

Most of my haul consisted of old J-pop and anime CDs - Shizuka Kudo, Yuki Saitou, Kumi Miyasato, Chisato Moritaka, Project A-ko, Tonari no Totoro, Megazone 23... (and a few others not photographed.)

Scott picked up a number of Star Wars comics and memorabilia, an old 1st printing of the Schulz' "Happiness is a Warm Puppy", Cerebus' High Society (for $3!), Pogo, and a few other miscellaneous titles. (One being a comic I helped color backgrounds for back in the day~)

The rest of my haul is pretty boring - just reference books for inspiration and ideas. ^^

I'm sure we'll be back later this week to search for any other hidden treasure~ ^^

... and last but not least, I finally have a Jared Original Comic by none other than ... well, Jared!

Charming, yes? :D

For a little background, Jared is an abominable snowman who speaks simply and loves his slushies. Find out more about Jared and his adventures in The Front and Tales of The Front, by awesome cartoonist and podcaster extraordinaire, Jerzy Drozd.

This comic was a contribution for the Big Illustration Party Time Podcast benefit auction to help restore their audio equipment. So great art all auctioned for a great cause~ :D

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7 Replies

  • Katsuboy

    Kudo Shizuka! My favorite jpop singer!!!

  • kitsy

    Yay! Another Shizuka Kudo fan! My favorite song by her is "Doukoku/慟哭". I really like her older stuff - by the time she put out "Blue Rose" and "Jaguar Line", I sort of lost interest.

    Have you heard her stuff from her Onyanko Club/Ushirogami Hikaretai days? :D

  • Katsuboy

    Nah, haven't heard her stuff when she was with them. But I do agree with you about her downfall after Blue Rose/Jaguar Line, hehe.

  • Mark Moore

    Kumi Miyasato!!!

    I have been looking for her CDs everywhere!

    Any chance that you know how I could get her albums?

    I also need any old videos/magazines/etc. that reference her, so I can cite them in her Wikipedia article (which I created) to prevent deletion.

    • Audra Furuichi

      Yay! Another Kumi Miyasato fan!

      I have no idea where else to find her albums -- it was just by chance I found it at this book sale. Have you tried Otokichi Premium? I haven't used his services myself but a friend recommended him for hard to find/OOP CDs.

      I also used to have access to some magazines with her articles in them, but long donated them. T_T;;;

      • Mark Moore

        I tried searching for her on that site. No luck. =(

        I REALLY wanna get her CDs. Supposedly, there were five (three studio albums and two greatest hits albums).

        I also wanna get the Megazone 23 albums. There are some drama albums, it seems, and she might have contributed to them.

        If you click on my name, it'll take you to my Kumi fan site.